Our Visit To Baselworld 2017

First published: 07-04-2017

Internal watch mechanism artwork Baselworld is the most important trade show in the watch and jewellery calendar. Brands and fashion houses of all sizes showcase their newest timepieces and jewellery in Messe Basel, Switzerland, giving the public the first glimpse at the future of accessory fashion.

The Watch Shop team attended the 2017 event and, after speaking to loads of industry insiders, learnt tons of exciting things about what's coming in watches and jewellery over the next 12 months.

What was Baselworld 2017?

Held every March, Baselworld is an annual convention attended by the world's hottest watch and jewellery brands.

The 2017 edition saw the event spread across five halls, numerous floors, with up to 100 exhibitor stands across each area. Of course, big names such as Rolex, Omega, and TAG Heuer have some of the most extravagant and largest displays, but the size of the show gives smaller, independent retailers and brands a chance to display their wares, too.

With so many brands competing for the crowd's attention, Baselworld gives you a chance to see the most exciting pieces that are leading the way in the future of timekeeping. Low-price models can be found alongside some of the most exclusive watches in the world, giving every watch fan a chance to explore and decide what their next investment is going to be.

Dan Baker, our Head of Merchandising, said: "It's an incredibly energetic event showcasing the world's best brands with an attention to detail that allows beautiful products to do the talking."

Smart watch renaissance

Graff Shopfront

Smart watches - or watches with smart features - have become a bigger part of the industry in recent years, and Baselworld 2017 highlighted how the market is set to become even 'smarter' over the next 12 months.

Ian Begent-Cove, a Buyer at Watch Shop, was particularly impressed with the way smart watches appear to be integrating with traditional watches: "It was good to see the classic fashion watch brands really embracing Android Wear smart watches.

"They have begun to show that it's not just the tech companies who do it well, but they add their unique brand identities to each piece."

What does this mean for the future of smart technology, then? Baselworld 2017 highlighted integrated smart features in otherwise fashion-focussed watches, meaning that those who prefer a traditional watch design will soon have a plethora of options to choose from that won't mean they have to sacrifice the style they love best.

Blue is the new black

It's wasn't all about tech at Baselworld 2017. Any watch connoisseur worth their salt knows the styling of watches is just as important as the technology that goes on behind the scenes, and this year's show certainly didn't disappoint.

Moonphase watches - where the watch face displays the phase of the moon as it currently appears in the sky - were popular across many brands, including certain high-end brands you wouldn't necessarily associate with such emotive design.

The main trend in the halls of Baselworld, however, was blue IP plating. IP plating is the process of a watch's surface being 'bombarded' with energetic particles to create a tough but smooth surface. It's popular on jewellery and tools.

This new blue IP plating showcases a move into watches that are designed to look elegant while being able to withstand plenty of wear and tear. Keep an eye out over the next few months for these beautiful blue watches taking the accessories world by storm!

Baselworld 2017 was a treat for everyone in the wonderful world of watches. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the latest trends and timepieces on Watch Shop, or browse the News section to see what's hot right now.


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