Oris unveils its Artix Complication timepiece

First published: 01-10-2010

Watchmaker Oris has created a new model that looks simple at first glance, but offers wearers more than just a way of reading the time.

Its Artix Complication has a fairly simple look to it when it comes to recognising the current time, thanks to hour, minute and second hands that jump out of a straight-forward steel dial, Watch Luxus reported.

However, before fans of a more sophisticated timepiece turn on their heels and go towards other products, a closer inspection will reveal so many more subtle details.

For one, within the 42-millimetre case are displays of the current date and a moon phase indicator, which is a first for the company, which has been making luxury watches for over 100 years.

The date is split up to a degree that should offer watch fans all the details of the exact moment in time that they require, as day and month windows sit just above the centre of the model, while an inner circle displays each day of the month, with a unique hand indicating the current number.

Finishing this timepiece off will be a choice of either a bracelet made of leather or metal, depending on the wearer's preference.


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