Ora watch is 'remarkably clever'

First published: 11-11-2009

Watches are a "major statement piece" for men and women alike, meaning the latest offering is a fantastic way to set yourself apart from the crowd, according to a leading source.

InventorSpot looked into the Ora watch, which manages to achieve both aesthetic attraction and a new level of gadgetry and ultimately - and quite literally - "puts a spin on timepieces".

The watch, which was designed by Alexandros Stasinopoulos, utilises a number of gears and wheels to turn three coloured strips around a six-point cross to keep the time, making it look like a tape measure gone mad.

At the front of the combination is the minute track, while smaller tapes mark the time and date, easily read by line markers strategically placed around the side.

Apologies to fans of great new designs, however; the watch is simply a concept.

One innovation that was recently relived was one done by Citizen watches, which was the first company to use titanium in its offerings to the Japanese and global markets, according to Edan Taub of Total Watch Repair in Los Angeles.


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