Omega timepieces worn by stars of TV show Castle

First published: 24-01-2011

A couple of television stars have sported Omega watches as part of their outfits in a popular drama series, timepiece fans may have noticed.

First, Nathan Fillion wears a rare Omega Seamaster 120m as part of promotional shots for Castle, Watch ID reported.

This timepiece is recognisable for its stainless steel finish and a display which works by combining both digital and analogue screens.

Some other appealing elements of this Omega watch include a chronograph, alarm, second time zone, date, day and timer, to name but a few.

Meanwhile, an Omega Speedmaster Professional has been donned by Stana Katic during her role as Detective Kate Beckett during the first three seasons of the show.

The product comes with a bold yet stylish black dial and matching black leather strap, which allows it to stand out when on a television screen.

Katic has also been spotted in the past sporting an Omega Speedmaster with an elegant diamond bezel, Watch ID also reported.


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