Omega releases an iPhone app

First published: 25-08-2010

Watch wearers can carry the entire collection of Omega watches in their pockets, thanks to a new iPhone app.

The app allows fans to access the incredible library of a watchmaker that has being producing timepieces since 1848, covering everything from ocean-going Seamasters to space-travelling Constellations.

Purchasers will be able to access the watchfinder function in order to search for watches within the range that match the exact specifications that they are looking for.

Watches are displayed using the entire screen of an iPhone so that users can easily view all the details, including watch face design elements.

Other features include a news page being available so that watch fans can keep up to date with the latest Omega products, as well as offering a range of wallpapers for the iPhone.

These not only cover some of the most liked watches in its collection, but also ambassadors of the watchmaker, like George Clooney and Cindy Crawford.


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