Nobel watch goes to Nobel-winning president

First published: 11-11-2009

The US president has been invited to accept a watch which is usually given to people in spite of not winning a Nobel Prize.

Israel Genuth, the chief executive officer of the Nobel Watch Company on Staten Island, New York City, usually goes by the business slogan of "I didn't get the Nobel Prize… but I got the Nobel watch!", yet decided to make exceptions for President Barack Obama and the First Lady.

Mr Genuth believes that if President Obama and his wife Michelle accept their gift, it could be the first time a person has claimed both Nobel prizes.

He explained: "I would very much like the opportunity of presenting the president with this honorary watch. My company and the president have many similarities in overcoming overwhelming odds, and not only surviving, but thriving."

The Nobel Watch Company hopes to hear back from the president before the official award ceremony for the Nobel Peace Prize in December.

In winning the gong earlier this year, Barack Obama became the first leader of the United States to claim the honour.


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