No more need to turn the clocks back

First published: 13-08-2010

Watch wearers may not need to turn the time back an hour in the future after a national newspaper launched a campaign to stop it.

The Express has reported the Time for Change Crusade in an attempt to give the nation an extra hour of light in the winter.

It says that there are many benefits to stopping the time changing process, including making the roads safer, cutting energy bills and boosting tourism by an estimated £4 billion, as well as creating up to 800,000 more jobs in a shaky economy.

Supporters of the crusade already include politicians and campaigners, the paper has claimed.

The announcement comes after prime minister (PM) David Cameron said that the government are considering moving the clocks forward an hour for permanently, in line with other parts of Europe, the Daily Mail has reported.

However, the PM insisted that the move could only be pushed forward if an agreement can be reached with Scotland, which fears that the move could plunge their country into darkness during school runs.

Mr Cameron said: "We are a United Kingdom. I want us to have a united time zone."


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