Nixon watches unveils Chromacoat finish

First published: 21-12-2010

A timepiece design from Nixon, which is styled to age over time, may appeal to watch fans after something a little different.

Called Chromacoat, this finish has been labelled "unique and advanced" by the manufacturer, with 'chroma' standing for the purity of colour – an indication to consumers of the ideas behind this design choice.

Nixon also explained: "Through normal wear and tear, each and every watch with this special finish will scratch and chip, showing the owner what a life well lived will look like."

Chromacoat will be applied to the Sunkissed Sea range, a collection of watches with a teal tone, which will peel away over time to eventually reveal a stunning stainless steel finish.

This is not the first time that Nixon has decided upon this unique design, with watches like the 51-30 and the Platform being styled under the Drab Collection, as well as the chipped, dark grey shades of the Gunship Collection.


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