Nixon watches are highly affordable

First published: 25-03-2013

The economic downturn has forced many of us to tighten our belts and keep a lid on our spending over the last few years.

Of course, we can only cut costs so far when it comes to purchasing basic essentials, so lots of us have tried to reduce our expenditure on non-essentials.

So it's inevitable that getting luxury designer accessories isn't necessarily a top priority any more, as we try to be more frugal and snap up cheaper alternatives to more expensive products instead.

But for cost-conscious consumers who want to buy a stylish wristwatch, there are some great options out there.

Nixon, for instance, has just been hailed by GQ magazine as being "hard to beat" when it comes to rolling out watches that are easy on the wallet.

The publication singled out its Time Teller range for praise, in particular its brand new "dip-dyed" timepieces that evoke memories of the psychedelic '60s.

"Available in three shades, even the no-nonsense face is finishing with eye-catching ombre hands," it commented.

GQ believes the timepieces offer a "compliment-inducing burst of colour" in various situations, such as when "you're headed to the beach or busting out your best denim jacket".

When money is tight, buying items that can be used in more than one environment is a great idea, as it means you are getting better value.

And by going for something as distinctive as a snazzy Nixon watch, you are still making a statement and looking stylish - without breaking the bank.

For those of us who are conscious of appearing at our best when we're out and about, it's hard to ask for a better combination in these tough times.

With the UK's economic woes looking set to continue for the next few years at least, it's time many of us accepted that being frugal and counting the pennies is the new norm.

So it's reassuring that brands are responding to this and making sure they are still offering exciting and vibrant accessories that are within our financial reach.


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