Nixon watches: The Iris is ''absolutely beautiful''

First published: 24-05-2010

Nixon watches are renowned for being stylish, but the Iris is one particularly stunning item.

This is according to, which said it looks "absolutely beautiful" on the wearer''s wrist.

It described the Nixon watch, saying it has two windows in the opaque face, one showing the hour and the other displaying the minutes.

"Colour is important in this model as there are a whole array of colours to suite your tastes, including classic black should you like to keep things a little more understated," it explained.

The article said that all Nixon watches have the ability to portray a person''s unique style and personality, while also providing them with a high quality item.

A recent article from suggested that Nixon watches are a great choice for the fashion-conscious who do not want to pay large amounts for a new timepiece.

Its range of colours and shapes means there is something to suit everyone, the site added.


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