Nixon watches: Big, bold and right on trend

First published: 11-06-2010

Nixon watches are sure to satisfy people''s demand for big, bold timepieces, it has been revealed.

The Vancouver Sun suggested that the Nixon 51-30 is one of the trendiest on the market at the moment, not least for its hard-wearing and bulky exterior.

The 51 refers to how many millimetres across the face of the watch measures, the news provider stated, which just goes to show how hefty this timepiece really is.

It continued: "That''s nearly as wide as an iPhone, and it''s definitely heavier than one."

Both men and women seem to be in search of bold Nixon watches, the article stated, with the lines between what is chosen by both sexes becoming increasingly blurred.

"Men happily try on Nixon''s oversized 42-20, the women''s version of the 51-30, even with its mother-of-pearl face embedded with crystals," the piece added.

It was said by earlier this month that Nixon watches always have a special eye for detail that consumers appreciate.


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