Nixon unveils The Falcon

First published: 12-04-2011

Those who are keen on Nixon watches may want to check out a new timepiece from the brand.

Entitled The Falcon, the device has been "created with the aesthetic of aviation and hints of fighter pilot dial detailing", according to Nixon themselves.

Some of the eye-catching features of the watch included a printed luminous dial, so that reading the time is easy no matter the situation, as well as a unique octagonal case.

This case measures in a 42.5 x 50mm size and is styled in stainless steel, with this material also being shared for its bracelet design.

Nixon has also applied a water resistance of 50m to The Falcon, to enhance the device's practicality too.

Watch fans should also directed their attention towards The Unit collection from Nixon, which offers five appealing options.

These choices are timepieces splashed with a navy, white, black, yellow & black or green, blue & navy finish.


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