Nixon reveals two Newton Digital watches

First published: 08-11-2010

Nixon watches fans may be pleased to know that the manufacturer has unveiled two new models to go with one of its ranges.

The pair of timepieces will fit into the Newton Digital collection, which will increase the number of options in this range to nine.

One of the elements which make these digital watches stand out is the choice of bright and vibrant colours which are splashed onto different elements of each timepiece, with the two new models getting a gunship band with a red case and a combination of a black strap and grey bezel.

The rest of the features look to keep with what is to be expected from the Newton Digital collection, meaning that buyers will benefit from a watch face which includes a day and date indicator, as well as a light to make reading the time efficient even when in a dark area.

Recently, Nixon unveiled a new fashion watch under the Decision Collection, which comes with bone colour and uses a wealth of rich materials, including a silicone band and stainless steel buckle.


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