Nine winter accessories to create a classic look

First published: 23-02-2016

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Winter is the month for wrapping up and keeping warm, whether it's being huddled within a furry fleece or wearing multiple layers of socks. But with all these extra layers you're wearing, is there still room to look classy as well as staying toasty?

From the staple scarves and coats to a few essential items you never knew could look so classy, we've put together nine top accessory tips that will allow you to brave the weather and still maintain your signature style.


A beret or a flat cap

Bridging the gap between being thermal and fashionable, a beret is like the cherry on top of the sundae when it comes to an ensemble. Coming in many colours, you can pick out the shade that suits you best, to really add some personality to your outfit.

A flat cap does much the same job - being cosy yet comfortable, and with its history dating back all the way to the 14th century, no one can question its classic credentials. Be sure to search for one that comes with an extra layer of lining inside for the winter months - no one will notice your hat-hair if you keep it on all day!

A woolly scarf

Keeping your neck warm is just as important as anything else when out and about; naturally, the perfect way to fill this chilly gap is with a scarf. When aiming to keep it classy, opt for a warm, long scarf, which will also ensure your neck is snug.

If you'd rather have a patterned piece than a plain one, a red tartan scarf will look particularly good, especially when offset by a navy blue or dark green coat. If you're wearing a lightly coloured jacket however, then a grey or black woolly scarf will create the classic look you're after.

Large sunglasses

They're not just for the hotter months, sunglasses come in handy any time it's sunny. And when the winter sun is bouncing off the snow and causing you to wince, it's definitely worth wearing a pair.

To achieve a classic look, go for a pair with large, round frames, or even a pair of aviators. Wearing a neutral shade such as black or tan will allow you to team it up with almost anything, while a splash of colour is perhaps best saved for your scarf and gloves when keeping it classic.

Upper body

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A double-breasted coat

It's the must-have accessory for winter, but with so many varieties of coats, jackets, and even gilets to choose from, it's important to pick the one that accentuates your style.

If there's one type of coat that shouts ‘classic' louder than any other, it's the double-breasted variety. Sparking images of naval captains and the like from yesteryear, this style dates back centuries, even more so if you opt for a dark blue piece with gold buttons.

Leather gloves

When looking to add a pair of gloves into your ensemble, the leather variety works supremely well with double-breasted coats and jackets.

While we tend to think of leather gloves as being black, you can actually pick up a pair in almost any colour imaginable. Light brown goes with white or fawn coats, while you might want to experiment a little and even try burgundy, teamed up with a darker coloured coat.

An elegant watch

When it comes to adding a bit of wrist wear to a classic outfit, it's important to go for a piece that's refined and simple, yet stunning. By choosing a watch that blends subtle colours together, you can make it work with almost any colour you're already wearing.

Rotary Men's Exclusive Watch

This Rotary watch features a calming collection of brown, gold, and white, which is a combination that's been loved for decades. Its Roman numerals are also influenced by the trends of yesteryear, adding a classic element to any outfit you decide to wear it with.

Lower body

Knee-high boots

Possibly the ultimate accessory for both looking fashionable and keeping warm, knee-high boots were often worn - and still are - by horse riders.

While they might look most at home with tweed, you can also team them up with a simple pair of jeans to achieve the classic winter look you're after. You could even opt for a heeled pair of boots to put a modern twist on this footwear staple.

leather high boots


When it snows - as it often does through winter - you might need something a little more waterproof and sturdy to trek through it all. Good old wellies have been the winter footwear of choice for a long time now, and for good reason.

Opt for a classic dark green and tan colour scheme to go full classic, or choose a printed pair to blend vintage and modern influences together.

Boot socks

Whether you've decided to wear wellies or boots, you need a pair of socks that won't get lost inside them.

Enter: boot socks.

These handy accessories will extend past the top of your wellies, allowing you to add an extra splash of colour to your classic outfit. Match the colour of your socks to your gloves or even your hat to stay fashionable from head to toe.

Now we've gone through a range of accessories from hats all the way to boots, you should have no problem keeping up your classic look through winter. Always remember that subtle colours work particularly well when you're keeping it classy, and looking your best doesn't have to mean compromising on warmth!


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