Nice watches 'should not be worn all the time'

First published: 09-02-2011

Flash and expensive watches, which might include timepieces by Ted Baker and Police, should only be worn on special occasions.

Ben Clymer, writing for, stated that it is fine for young people to have a stylish watch on their wrist, however, it was important that this does not "overpower who you are as a person, an employee and a man".

He went on to say that just because a person owns a nice watch, it does not mean that it has to be worn all the time.

"In fact, it may be better left for personal occasions with friends and family members who know you well and know that, in spite of inherent wealth, you are indeed a nice person," he added.

Recently, Jessica Michault, writing for, said that thin timepieces are definitely in this year, adding that this style can never be too glamorous.


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