New watches on show at International Jewellery London

First published: 05-09-2011

A wide range of stunning new watches and items of jewellery are going on display at this year's International Jewellery London.

The annual fair is taking place from September 4th to 7th 2011 at the Earls Court 2 venue, offering a showcase of the latest designs and innovations from across the industry.

Some of the biggest names in watches and jewels will be attending the show, which also offers seminar programmes to provide information on the changes taking place within the industry.

Exhibitors from across Europe and beyond are travelling to the centre, with highlights of the event to include the announcement of the design innovation awards and prizes for the brightest young designers.

There are also frequent fashion shows taking place down the central Boulevard, showing off the glittering items to full effect.

Some of the items on display could well become the antiques of tomorrow, with a sale of rare and interesting timepieces being held in Hong Kong during October.  


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