New watch family takes to the spotlight

First published: 02-08-2011

A German watchmaker has launched its latest watch family firmly into the timepiece spotlight.

A Lange & Sohne is bringing its new Saxonia range to watch enthusiasts everywhere.

The pieces are reflective of the Saxon watch making tradition, with the Saxonia Automatic, Thin and Dual all part of the collection.

In a bid to pay homage to the original founder, Ferdinand A Lange, the models are all endowed with the latest self-winding technology developed by the brand.

The Automatic features an astonishing 72-hour power reserve, allowing the user to rely on it for a full weekend without having to wind it up.

Its solid silver dial is framed by a chamfered bezel showcasing slim hour markers made of gold, with a sapphire crystal case back.

Lange has created its slimmest ever watch with the Thin take on the design, measuring a modest 40 mm diameter and a height of 5.9 mm.

Meanwhile, the Dual does just what its names suggest - it tracks two time zones, making it easier for anyone flitting between continents on a regular basis.

Three modern timepieces that don't compromise their classic looks.


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