New 'skin watch' concept unveiled

First published: 28-04-2009

An innovative new fashion watch displays time on the skin of the wearer.

The Vain Wrist Watch has been created by Chinese designer Tao Ma.

Time is shown over the skin in a variety of changing colours and at different levels of brightness.

It also displays the time in Chinese, with the figures appearing to hover above whatever surface they are positioned over.

Many will no doubt speculate as to the meaning of this watch concept's name and whether vanity has anything to do with the projection of time over skin.

Tao Ma is also the brains behind the gyrating time watch, which features a rotating watch face symbolising the moon and the earth.

Other inventions include the global warming bookshelf and the deaths head ashtray.

Tao Ma was nominated for the design boom 2008 award for various projects including the deaths head ashtray and global warming bookshelf.


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