New range of Burberry watches released in India

First published: 10-08-2010

Burberry has released a number of watches in India that serves as a celebration of the company's heritage and timelessness.

India Infoline Limited has reported that the collection covers both men and women, with the various attitudes and moods of each gender being covered by the range.

The women's collection includes styles that have a diamond case and timepieces will be available in gold, dark nickel or stainless steel. There are also black and white checks in the range, complete with leather straps.

The company's history of function and performance are desired more for the men's collection, with watches featuring stainless steel and rubber straps.

No information of whether the watches, which are Swiss made, will be available in the UK has being released yet, however.

The new watches come shortly after Burberry announced that Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has being replaced as the face of the company.

The Sun has reported that model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be taking up the role.


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