New-look multi-coloured G-Shock watch is ''visually arresting''

First published: 05-03-2010

A new Casio watch manufactured under the G-Shock subsidiary is one which plays up to its latter title, with the organisation revealing just how many colours are available on one face.

The offering, which looks like the by-product of an old-school G-Shock watch after a love affair with a rainbow, has been released with a batch of figurines, much in the same way as Casio watches last year celebrated the 25th anniversary of the G-Shock brand.

Formally known as the Casio MAN BOX watch - or the GA-110F-2JR - the product has a different colour for every single part on the offering, proving it to be an undoubtedly popular watch among fans of the company.

CrunchGear said the timepiece is a pretty striking offering that may dissuade a few people, though was cool nonetheless.

It continued: "You'd have to be the most candy-loving, grill-sunglasses-wearing, Surge-sucking rave-master in Neo-Tokyo to even consider it. Or I guess you could just be a kid who likes colours. And robots."

Baby G watches from Casio were recently featured on the wrist of singer Rihanna's in her new video for Rude Boy.


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