New 'Wavelength' Tokyo Flash watch concept uses negative space

First published: 19-07-2010

Another confusing Tokyo Flash watch concept has been unveiled on the brand's website, which makes use of negative space to display the time.

The new Wavelength Tokyo Flash watch concept features selectable LED backlighting and an always on LCD display.

Minutes are shown in positive blocks surrounding the central 'negative space' hour time display, with markings to indicate the current position.

The casing and large button give the watch a simple, robust appearance, which is in contrast to some of Tokyo Flash's other offerings.

Earlier this month, another new offering from Tokyo Flash also featured a selectable backlight colour depending on mood.

This Echo concept, in contrast to Wavelength, is silver-white in colour, while the time display is designed around a moving LCD block screen.

It featured a simple square case, with a glass face reaching right to the edges of the casing, giving it a touch of finesse over the durable-looking Wavelength.


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