New Tokyo Flash watch features interchangeable face-light

First published: 07-07-2010

A new brightly coloured Tokyo Flash watch concept design has appeared on the brand's website, featuring an option for wearers to choose the colour of their display.

An interchangeable LED backlight option enables wearers to select between blue, purple, green or yellow screens on the circular display.

The square silver-coloured case complements the colourful circular face on the Tokyo Flash watch, which is finished off with a tapered strap.

This simple design is finished off with the characteristically complicated time-telling function, which is common to so many of the brand's watches.

With this timepiece, wearers see single minutes (up to five) displayed in the centre of the face's concentric rings.

LCD lights are then used to display groups of five minutes on the outer-most ring of the circle, while an LCD block moving around the inner-most part of the face indicates the hours.

Prior to this, Tokyo Flash's latest watch featured a polished convex case featuring three separate circles to indicate hours, groups of minutes and single minutes.


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