New Seiko watches to honour anniversary of one of its standards

First published: 22-10-2010

A series of limited edition timepieces are to be released by watchmaker Seiko as a way of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Grand Seiko standard.

The collection will be limited to just 800 pieces, of which these will be divided up into designs using Spring Drive, mechanical and quartz features, Professional Jeweller has reported.

Each timepiece will be marked with the fact that they celebrate a landmark for the company, as a lion emblem will be present on either the dial or, in the case of both the Spring Drive and mechanical products, the oscillating weight.

Furthermore, consumers lucky enough to get their hands on these analogue watches will also be treated to a 72-hour power reserve and a second accuracy of between minus one and plus five per day.

Seiko honoured the standard, which is celebrating its half century in the industry, by saying: "From the very first Grand Seiko watch in 1960 until the all-new 36,000 vph automatic caliber of today, every Grand Seiko watch has shared the functional beauty and design purity that are now its hallmark."

Recently, Hodinkee reported that the whole range of products from Seiko, which also includes radio and digital watches, offer buyers elegance and a sense of craftsmanship.


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