New Rolex Submariner watch 'has an exemplary design'

First published: 21-06-2011

A new Rolex watch may present enough elegant details for timepiece lovers to splash the cash, especially since it received a glowing review.

The Submariner Date Lunette Verte is the device in question and has received a rating of 75.5 out of 100 courtesy of the Watch Observer.

One of the reasons that the source was full of praise for this particular Rolex watch is the fact that it has "the same technical qualities" that have allowed the brand to excel in the past.

Some of these attractive elements include an "exemplary design of the 904L steel case" and a mix of polished and brushed elements across the timepiece's case.

Other eye-catching design elements of the watch include an emerald green tone being applied to both its case and dial, as well as a magnified date window for added practicality effect.

"It has all the assets of the Submariner technical lineage, brightened up by the contrast that the green colour brings to this watch that has become a watchmaker's classic," the Watch Observer concluded.

Another Rolex ticker to receive praise from the source in the past was the Milgauss 11640, which recently earned a rating of 71 out of 100.


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