New G-shock Casio watch ''makes bold statement''

First published: 13-05-2010

The new G-shock Casio watch, G-Aviation, is a statement piece, according to its makers.

Casio has based the new watch on an aircraft flight panel, using contrasting, bright colours to create an edgy look.

The G-Aviation Casio watch also features a triple-layered dial that creates a 3D feel to the display on the wearer''s wrist.

Commenting on the release of the new watch, Casio timepiece division vice-president Shigenori Itoh said: "The GW3000 continues the G-Shock tradition of toughness and technology while embracing an authentic aviation style and function all its own."

Other watch features include a self-charging battery, solar power technology and a self-adjusting multi-band six atomic timekeeping system that uses radio waves to ensure consistent calibration of the dial with different timezones.

The new watch follows the launch of another timepiece in the brand''s pathfinder range, designed for accuracy when on outdoor expeditions.


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