New Casio G-Shock watch biggest one yet

First published: 24-08-2010

Watch fans may notice when looking at the new Casio G-Shock that the company is going big with its designs – literally.

That is because the Casio G-Shock GXW-56 comes with measurements of 55.5mm wide for its case and a height of 17.5mm, making it the largest G-Shock ever made, Christian Cantrell told Watch Report.

So what has the company, who saw its 1983 G-Shock timepiece make it onto Stuff magazine's list of the 25 most iconic watches, done to compensate for all this space? Well, they have filled the gaps with a soft silicone gel material called aGEL, said to heighten shock-absorbing features to the timepiece.

Furthermore, the GXW-56 comes with solar powered technology that makes the watch able to run for up to eleven months without light, as well as a water resistance of up to 200 metres and a world time feature covering 31 different time zones and 48 cities.

Mr Cantrell said: "After wearing [the watch] for a few days, I have really come to like the size and the presence, and at this point, I have no intention of letting it go."


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