Neon watches are a fashion must-have

First published: 22-05-2012

Wearing a designer watch can help people rock different fashion trends without having to commit fully to the style.

This may be ideal for slightly bolder fashions, such as fetish seen last season, or neon colours, which are huge this summer.

Donning a pink Guess watch to complement a neutral outfit is just one way in which ladies can pay tribute to this trend even if they do not feel brave enough to step out in head-to-toe neon colours.

The one downside to this style is that it can look a bit '1980s' but it can be brought to the modern age by carefully coordinating these bright hues.

Accessories are a great way of bringing vibrant tones into a wardrobe without going to over-the-top.

Whether it's a pair of neon heels, a pink handbag or a designer watch it's easy to incorporate this trend.

A Guess watch with a pink resin strap and pink dial is ideal as it can help Brits rock the neon trend while being useful as they will always know what the time is.


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