Move over diamonds - pearls are a girls best friend these days

First published: 22-03-2016

Pearl Necklace

Move over, diamonds - pearls are a girl's best friend these days. Time-travelling from the roaring twenties into the fashion world around us, these jewels of the sea are always current and on-trend.

As pearls are such versatile little beauties, they're capable of creating a variety of styles. We'll give you five big reasons why they're so fantastic to wear, showing you how they can work with all manner of outfits to create lots of different looks.


Nothing says 'vintage' quite like a pair of pearl drop earrings. Capable of adding a touch of charm to whatever you're wearing, they're perfect for when you want just a pinch of the flapper-girl influence in your look.

While the pearls are the stars of the show in these beautiful earrings, the supporting cast is made up of gold and sparkly jewels, all working together in harmony to bring a bit of Gatsby glamour to any outfit you choose to team them up with.

Ladies' 9ct Gold Cubic Zirconia and Pearl Earrings

To maximise the effect of these pieces, try teaming them up with simple colour combinations. A plain black, elegant dress will allow your earrings to really spring to life and stand out against this blank canvas.


Pearls may have been a valuable commodity since Cleopatra ruled ancient Egypt, but they're also more than capable of being right at home as part of a modern look. Choosing the right piece of pearl jewellery can give your outfit the boost it needs to feel thoroughly 21st century.

When we say 'the right piece', we mean something that differs from the swooping pearl necklaces of yesteryear: an item that's as contemporary as they come. This Ted Baker bangle is gorgeous yet minimalist in design, in the fashionable colour of rose gold.

Ted Baker Ladies' PVD rose plating Siera Single Pearl Ultra Fine Cuff

Classic items of pearl jewellery often feature a line of these beautiful sea jewels, but to achieve a thoroughly modern look, only one is used here - and to great effect! The single pearl is the focus of the piece, and the thin band works to accentuate this.


It wasn't just Cleopatra who loved her pearls; they've been loved by many generations of royal families since. Just as popular as ever before, you can add a high-brow touch to your formal attire by combing a piece of pearl jewellery with a ball gown or evening dress.

While the classic pearl necklace is a look that's always favoured by those in the royal enclosure at Ascot, this isn't the only way to achieve a regal effect. This silver and pearl bracelet from Thomas Sabo is capable of giving your outfit that sought-after classical finish.

Thomas Sabo Ladies' Sterling Silver Love Bridge Bracelet

Featuring a line of pearls - a style that harks back to the twenties and beyond - there's also a classic symmetry associated with its design. Whether it's the shimmering stones themselves or the cross-hatched silver that sits opposite, there's an elegant simplicity that spreads throughout the piece.


While pearls are capable of being modern, royal, vintage, and everything in between, they're also universally flattering for your complexion. Their to-die-for creamy colour, warming and reflective surface, and versatility all bring out the best in your skin tone.

This white gold and pearl pendant is capable of being the focal point of your entire outfit, flowing down from your neck against the backdrop of your dress or top. As it sits centrally, it'll really go the extra mile when flattering your complexion.

Ladies' 9ct White Gold 5mm Pearl and Cubic Zirconia Pendant

Taking inspiration from classic pieces of pearl jewellery, its circular design creates a stylish look without ever being too edgy or modern. And while the pearl sits right in the centre, the stones running around the outside do their very best to catch the light and draw attention to the pendant as a whole.

Always appropriate

There's a very good reason as to why pearls have stood the test of time - they're able to be worn at any time of day, for any occasion. Whether your pearl jewellery is simple, modern, or elaborate in design, you could very well keep it on from morning until night.

This ladies' ring from Shimla takes the classic colour combination of pearl and gold and adds a modern twist by adding a heart-shaped topping to this already-sweet sundae.

Shimla Ladies' PVD Gold plated Ring With Heart Fresh Water Pearl

Its simplicity ensures that it can work equally well as a piece of daytime and evening wear, while its two-tone colour scheme opens it up to a variety of outfit options. White or black would work equally as well, while you could just as easily create a complementary look using navy blue or burgundy.

Never underestimate the pearl; that's the moral of the story here. Seen as timeless for good reason, pearl jewellery is capable of being everything from modern to vintage. All that remains is for you to pick out the perfect items of clothing and accessories to really accentuate these creamy jewels.


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