Most luxurious brands of watch revealed

First published: 28-04-2010

A recent survey published this week by New York''s independent Luxury Institute has revealed the three most prestigious watch brands by consumers who are considered to have a "high net worth".

Blancpain, Vacheron Constantin and Breguet are the best timepieces to invest in, according to the firm, with Swiss manufacturer Blancpain being the most desirable brand of the 33 featured in the new study.

Among the organisation''s measuring criteria were the consistency of superior quality, the uniqueness and exclusivity of offerings, the illusion of making the customer feel special throughout the entire experience of owning the watch, as well as their consumption by people who are admired and respected.

Milton Pedraza, chief executive officer of the Luxury Institute, said: "The luxury watches category is one of the oldest and most prestigious. And yet the industry is stuck in time in terms of its distribution and customer relationship building innovations."

He predicted that more luxury watch brands will create direct distribution channels as they begin to realise that future popularity is brought about by those who have deep relationships with their consumers.

Vacheron Constantin is a popular choice for Silvio Berlusconi, while Vladimir Putin regularly wears a Blancpain.


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