More praise for Citizen ''email watches''

First published: 05-05-2010

Two new Citizen watches have been praised for their ability to store email messages, as well as enabling mobile phone Bluetooth connectivity.

In a post on the Gadgetlite blog, Mike Jefferson explains that the Japanese watchmaker''s two new TM84-0351V and TM84-0352V timepieces devices offer easy, full-colour access to emails via their LCD displays.

The only limitation to these Citizen watches, he suggests, is that they can only show messages up to 210 characters, however, they are capable of storing up to ten mails at once - so who will complain?

Similar to features seen recently on Tokyo Flash watches and other branded timepieces, the new watches will also notify the wearer whenever they receive a message, alerting them with a glowing display and vibrations.

Last month, the Japanese watchmaker''s i:VIRT M wristwatch received praise for its Bluetooth technology in the Telegraph.

Speaking to the newspaper, a Citizen watch spokesperson said: "These watches are good for checking important messages in a casual way, even in conferences or on crowded trains."


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