Montblanc unveil two new timepieces

First published: 10-01-2011

A couple of new timepieces from Montblanc may attract watch fans to splash some cash, thanks to their original designs.

The first of these products to be detailed from the brand is the Montblanc Star Worldtimer Automatic, which allows wearers to distinguish the time from across the globe at the same instance, Watch Luxus reported.

A readily grasped crown achieves this feat, as this element allows local time and a second zone to be set, as well as altering the world-time display via a city-disk and the current date.

However, this setting is all done while the movement continues to operate, which is an appealing feature for consumers of this fashion watch.

The news source explained: "A precise mechanical movement that runs at a stable rate would be of little use if it looses precious seconds whenever its hour-hand is reset for a new time zone."

Meanwhile, the TimeWalker TwinFly Chronograph from Montblanc offers two large hour and minute hands, which allows time to be read with ease, while been tucked inside an elegant titanium case, finished in a coat of black DLC.


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