Momentum release M50 Mark II watch

First published: 07-01-2011

A new timepiece from watchmaker Momentum may appeal to consumers hoping to kit themselves out in a stylish accessory for 2011.

Called the Momentum M50 Mark II, the product has been praised by critic Paul Hubbard, who told Watch Report that it is "a tremendous watch for the money".

Some of the elements which make this so attractive include a clean dial and a range of Arabic numbers styled in two sizes, which add to the joy of reading the time.

Meanwhile, when the night draws in, wearers are still able to read the display, thanks to a lume design, which not only lights up the numerals and hands, but also includes twelve dashes to further simplify the task.

Some other appealing features of this Momentum timepiece include a stainless steel case and bracelet, an eye-catching metallic bezel and the practical element of 500m water resistance.

Recently, Mr Hubbard applauded the efforts of the Momentum Cobalt V, acknowledging to Watch Report that its sleek size allows for "[easy] fitting under cuffs and sleeves".


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