Modestly priced watches 'can be stylish and functional'

First published: 02-12-2011

When it comes to picking out a new watch, it may seem as though all of the most popular styles and brands come with a hefty price tag.

Although some of these watches have received acclaim for their accuracy and design, timepieces which fall into a much more affordable price bracket can also have a strong appeal due to their looks and features.

Aaron Marino, founder of, explained that for men, it can seem like they have the short end of the stick with the choice of accessories they have compared with what is on offer for women.

He said that this does not mean they have to go for something expensive, as there are a range of products to fit their style and budget.

"There are thousands of watch brands out there. Some will cost more than your car and others are quite reasonable. [With] some watches, you are paying for the name and logo that only a passionate watch aficionado would notice," Mr Marino said.

He suggested that there are some watches to start off with, while others are a more realistic option after climbing the career ladder.

Offering suggestions for people on a range of budgets, those looking for something for $100 (£63) or less were advised to consider brands like Guess, Fossil or Pulsar.

For those who have a slightly larger budget, watches from designers like Michael Kors, Citizen and Luminox could be a better option.

However, those who have big money to spend could go all out on items from the likes of Rolex, Breitling and Bulgari.

Having a watch can be a way to get ahead at work, as the watches expert also recently noted that they can provide the professional edge when compared to those without timepieces. 


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