Miss Sixty watches - the perfect addition to new fashion line

First published: 07-05-2010

Fans of Miss Sixty will no doubt be aware that the fashion brand has released a series of limited-edition garments this season.

As part of the spring/summer 2010 collection, the Snake Zip Shot line has been launched and will no doubt complement a Miss Sixty watch.

The style is exactly how you would expect, with snake print adorning each of the garments along with a number of zips to really add interest to the look.

Among the items on offer is a pair of leggings, which the brand believes is like a "second-skin trouser" that highlights the silhouette of those who wear them.

It also said that the outfits are perfect for anyone who wants to "face the metropolitan jungle with style".

Anyone wanting to finish off the look with a brand new timepiece may want to get their hands on a Miss Sixty Gemma Watch, which is both elegant and dainty.


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