Miss Sixty watches - Fashion house joins up with Alcatel

First published: 28-07-2009

In order to improve its popularity in the accessories market, Miss Sixty has joined forces with Alcatel to create a mobile phone for the fashion-conscious individuals around the country.

Miss Sixty watches are already a major feature of the style house's line up but it is hoped the clamshell-shaped offering - which uses an Iron Man-esque colour scheme of red with gold trim - will help the brand seal its place in the market for fashionable mobile phones.

Although the phone may seem like quite a simple offering - with the model being targeted at the entry-level - it is not behind the times and will feature a WAP browser and micro SD expansion to save photos on, which can be taken by the in-built camera.

The Miss Sixty logo will be emblazoned on the front of the model and will also surround the camera lens.

Many other style houses have paired up with mobile phone manufacturers to release high-end offerings, including Giorgio Armani, Gucci and Prada.


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