Minimalist Watch Designs For Men

First published: 01-08-2016

Women's watches have led the way for minimalist designs in recent years, boasting that understated styles truly are what's hot in the world of watches.

However, the market for modest men's designs is one that's growing, shunning the idea of a typically masculine watch being big, bold, and packed full of dials.

Here are our top selections for achieving a modest look in terms of wrist wear, featuring a range of different colours and makers - pick your fave and transform your style!

Minimalist yet intricate

There's no reason why modest has to mean boring - this skeleton timepiece from Royal London is beautifully designed, with the watch face being the standout feature.

Royal London Men's Automatic Watch

Although a series of intricate details are on show, the piece uses batons and a simple two-tone colour scheme to retain its modesty. The strap comes with a classic pattern, and accentuates the style that exudes from the face.

The width of the piece is only 32mm, so it's a watch that's very subtle in shape. Still shiny and eye-catching, it won't go unnoticed despite its size.

Minimal to the maximum

If you're looking for something that's even more minimal in design to the piece above, then there certainly are pieces on the market to satisfy this style craving.

The Braun Men's Watch is just about as subtle as they come, being created using only three colours. While the majority of the piece is silver and black, just a touch of yellow is used to stop the watch from ever looking too monotone.

Braun Men's  Watch

The face is very simplistic in design, with no numbers used to tell the time, and a subtle Braun logo to add a few extra style and pedigree points to your wrist.

In terms of size, it's 35mm wide, therefore being slightly larger than the piece above, but still well within the category of a slim watch.

A splash of subtle colour

A minimalist watch doesn't have to be made up of dark colours, as this Birline Stanmore watch proves. The green strap is perfectly offset by the white and gold casing and face, creating a perfect trio of shades.

Birline Unisex Stanmore Rose Gold Watch

A combination of batons and numbers are utilised here, keeping it traditional yet simple in design. The round face of the Stanmore is also very traditional, helping to spread classic simplicity throughout the piece as a whole.

At 40mm wide, it's a minimal watch in terms of size too, not just colour and shape, making it an ideal choice for people who like to keep their fashion accessories understated.

Stealthily understated

In stark contrast to the piece above, the Stiletto Eco-drive watch from Citizen relies on one main colour to make its mark. It's solid black, with only the Citizen logo on the strap to provide contrast.

Citizen Men's Stiletto Eco-Drive Watch

The advantage of such a colour scheme is that it's as minimalist as possible, while the watch face continues the same theme by utilising few instruments to actually function as a time-telling gadget. The batons and hands are incredibly thin, and there are no additional dials to overcomplicate matters.

Size-wise, it' 36mm wide - a slender timepiece that sits comfortably on your wrist. As it's black it'll still standout, even though it's not a big watch.

Modestly blue

The Hugo Boss Jackson watch mixes dark and light colours to great effect, creating a minimalist men's watch that doesn't rely on white or black to achieve its looks.

Hugo Boss Men's Jackson Watch

Separate shades of blue are fused together with an outer layer of gold in this watch - two colours that go hand in hand in the fashion world, with its leather strap providing an additional layer of traditional quality.

At 44mm it's the joint-widest watch in this blog post, however, that's still very narrow for a timepiece in general. This means that it's fully capable of achieving serious levels of subtlety, teaming up well with a variety of colours in your wardrobe.


Minimalist watches are very much a present-day trend for both men and women's fashion. These five options will allow you to achieve the modest and subtle look, while still retaining masculine aspects of timepiece design.


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