Military watches 'only suitable for some locations'

First published: 17-12-2010

Military watches can be a great accessory to finish off an outfit, as long as they are not sported when attending a business meeting.

This is the view of the Watch Snob, who was responding to a question on Ask Men about the appeal of this type of timepiece.

Known to be products covered in PVD or DLC styled in either green, black or grey tones, the expert pointed out that military watches are for those who are constantly active.

As a result, the Watch Snob explained: "Wearing a military watch to the boardroom is the equivalent of wearing Timberland work boots to a black-tie dinner."

Instead, the expert advised watch fans to acquire at least three timepieces – one which can be easily matched up with a formal and work outfit, a sport or military model when on-the-go, as well as an all-purpose product, which can be slipped on whenever.

People wondering which sports watch to opt for may want to check out the Concord C1 Big Date Radar, which is designed with 3D hour markers that could catch the eye when on a jog, Watch Luxus recently reported.


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