Michael Kors watches 'the ultimate statement accessory'

First published: 05-07-2010

Michael Kors watches are the perfect elegant addition to any outfit, simply because they make such a statement.

This is according to shadestation.co.uk, which emphasised that the brand has a unique way of adapting to the latest trends.

It noted that one of the best styles at the moment is the sporty luxe, combining an athletic design with something more luxurious.

"Michael Kors watches convey this vibe amazingly and the new styles boast vibrancy, elegance and sophistication, making them a must-have accessory and a style as seen on a number of celebrities and fashion icons," it continued.

One of the most prominent designs in the Michael Kors watches collection is the MK5266, the site suggested, which features a turquoise bracelet and gold-plated case.

Last month, awristband.com said that Michael Kors watches demonstrate an effortless elegancy that makes these timepieces a great gift for any jewellery lover.


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