Michael Kors watches ''offer effortless elegance''

First published: 10-05-2010

Michael Kors watches - and all his designs - offer women a means of feeling sexy without being too over the top, a paper has said.

Everything he does is of the highest quality, the Vancouver Sun stated, as the designer is keen to connect with his audience.

"I think they want something that feels new and fresh in their wardrobe and at the same time has a shelf life," Kors is recently reported as saying.

Real estate agent and fan of the brand Liza Kaufman said that his designs always provide ageless and classic elegance.

"There''s always a spin, always something that makes it stand out," she continued, adding that his playful personality is also apparent.

Private sale website Ivory Trunk recently revealed that Michael Kors watches have an unparalleled quality about them and that they are able to target the affluent yet value-conscious consumer.


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