Michael Kors watches 'becoming more popular'

First published: 15-02-2012

The popularity of Michael Kors watches is increasing as the company has announced a rise in its sales, thanks to the demand for its accessories.

Offering its figures for the last year, the company showed a strong rate of growth as more people sought to purchase its accessories such as handbags, jewellery and watches.

Michael Kors added that it expected to see these sales to continue at a strong pace over the coming year, with the majority of the purchases provided by its more affluent customers.

"The luxury segment continues to grow globally and our positioning as an American lifestyle luxury brand will enable us to continue our global expansion," chief executive officer of the company John Idol said.

Rotary watches has also been seeing a strong rate of growth in recent times, with the company announcing it is launching a new range of products in India and received the endorsement of some Bollywood stars. 


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