Michael Kors watches are ''affordably luxurious''

First published: 22-03-2010

Women will have little trouble in looking glamorous following an investment in Michael Kors watches, according to a new analysis of the brand.

In a piece for the Style Blog, it was asserted that the brand is very popular among some of Hollywood's leading stars, including Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson and comedienne Tina Fey, who is best known for her popular lampooning of former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The Style Blog continued: "Michael Kors watches are very elegant and stylish, in keeping with the beautiful clothes he produces."

Noting that tortoiseshell is a particularly popular pattern for the organisation, matching it is done with ease with an investment in a timepiece, adding: "There's no shortage of vintage gold and white Michael Kors watches either, which all makes for a classically decadent collection."

Earlier this month, Eliza Scarborough of the Daily Mail selected a chunky gold Michael Kors watch as the perfect accessory to a business meeting outfit.


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