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Michael Kors: A history

Posted: 24-07-2014

Michael Kors: A history

How does the luxury goods market look in light of Michael Kors' sales figures

Posted: 05-06-2014

How does the luxury goods market look in light of Michael Kors' sales figures

Michael Kors' profits exceed expectations

Posted: 28-05-2014

Watchmaker Michael Kors has posted better-than-expected profits for the fiscal fourth quarter.

Duchess of Cambridge opts for Michael Kors

Posted: 30-04-2014

Michael Kors has confirmed the Duchess of Cambridge wore one of his dresses recently.

Michael Kors luxury watches sees surge in sales

Posted: 14-02-2013

Luxury watches from Michael Kors are proving to be increasingly popular.

Michael Kors watches 'becoming more popular'

Posted: 15-02-2012

More people than ever are choosing to wear Michael Kors watches as the company has announced it has seen a strong increase in its sales recently.

Michael Kors watches 'the ultimate statement accessory'

Posted: 05-07-2010

The watches collection from Michael Kors emanates class and sophistication, it has been said.

Michael Kors watches ''intricately designed''

Posted: 10-06-2010

All of Michael Kors'' watches have an effortless elegance about them, it has been claimed.

Fine craftsmanship ''at the core'' of Michael Kors watches

Posted: 08-06-2010

Michael Kors watches demonstrate the best in craftsmanship, it has been said.

Michael Kors watches ''offer effortless elegance''

Posted: 10-05-2010

Anyone who is thinking of buying a Michael Kors watch will find it provides them with an effortlessly elegant design that will remain stylish for years to come, one paper has identified.

Hollywood auction firm affirms status of Michael Kors watches

Posted: 15-04-2010

Michael Kors watches have been chosen as one of the flagship brands of an exclusive Hollywood members'' club.

Michael Kors watches are ''affordably luxurious''

Posted: 22-03-2010

Women wanting effortless luxury for a small price should consider getting involved in the style put forward by Michael Kors watches.

Fossil to sell Michael Kors watches

Posted: 18-01-2010

Fossil could be expanding its portfolio of watches with the acquisition of Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs timepieces, according to a new report from India.

Michael Kors watches are 'perfect gift for Christmas'

Posted: 10-12-2009

People wanting a timepiece for Christmas will not be disappointed if they receive a Michael Kors watch, it is believed.

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