Methods of timekeeping have 'evolved'

First published: 04-11-2009

Time marches on, so they say, though the ways in which people tell it have evolved over time, particularly in the last few years, according to one expert.

Darleen Hartley, covering this change in trends for the Bright Side of News, explained that computers are fast becoming the most popular way of telling the time due to their ever-present position in the home and at work.

Furthermore, the regular use of mobile phones also has undermined the need for watches, though not as much as many people think.

That's because Ms Hartley believes that watches still have a major place in the market, noting that 2007 was still the best year for watch sales, and likely hit afterwards by the economic downturn.

She continued: "To answer the conundrum, manufacturers are creating wrist watch/cell phone combinations."

At the beginning of the year, LG announced the successful launch of its first market-ready 3G touch watch phone, stating that the "chic, wearable phone is a follow-up to the prototype that LG introduced at CES 2008".


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