Mens watches proving fashionable

First published: 28-05-2012

Fine timepieces from the likes of Armani and Michael Kors are proving increasingly popular with affluent young males.

That is according to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, which highlighted the growing reemergence of the luxury timepiece.

It follows a number of spottings of mens watches at the New York Fashion Week earlier this year, with many of the male models on display seemingly opting for these timepieces as part of a wider ensemble.

Yet away from the catwalk, it appears that the appeal of these new timepieces is only increasing with affluent individuals.

A recent report from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry reported that watch sales in 2011 had climbed to their highest level in 20 years, as more and more people opt in to these popular fashion accessories.

One such example is collector and enthusiast Tim Paulsen.

Speaking to the news provider, he said "I build my clothes around my watch…It’s like my purse".

Mr Paulsen owns over 72 different timepieces including a special limited-edition white Casio G-Shock watch and an Italo Fontana U-boat Flightdeck chronograph watch.

But while he may demonstrate a more extreme example of the interest in watches, the truth is that much of the appeal of new timepieces stems from the sheer range and versatility of the watches on offer to consumers.

Recent weeks have seen a number of innovative new designs emerge on the market. Among these highlights was a new Casio watch designed in collaboration with Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber who just won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time in his career.

This new metal-cased analogue watch featured a unique 3D Disk Chronography and Ion-plated bezel, along with a 1/20 –second indicator.

Meanwhile, Adidas came over all British with a series of Union Jack-inspired watches that incorporate the iconic flag design within the face of the watch.

And with a number of new companies also working on watches that can link up to your phone via Bluetooth, on the face of it at least, things are looking good for the fine watch market.


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