Men's watches 'ideal for producing that winning outfit'

First published: 06-12-2010

A winning men's outfit can be achieved by following a few simple guidelines, such as wearing a classy watch, according to an industry expert.

Jenny Suo, writing for, said that while there are plenty of articles on the internet about the fashion dos and don'ts for women, making a good impression through clothing should be just as important for men.

Referring to males in their 40s, the fashion expert said: "By now, you can afford to be a little more casual. But remember, there’s a big difference between a smart, laid back look and just being underdressed or dull. You should now be able to stock up on some more quality pieces. Find a signature accessory, such as cuff links or watches."

Recently, a blog posting on said that a man's watch serves as his single most important fashion accessory and there is room to have more than one for different occasions.


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