Men's watches 'becoming more distinctive'

First published: 28-02-2012

Men on the lookout for new watches may find they are seeing a move away from traditional styles to more modern and unique products as designers become more creative with their ideas.

The latest BaselWorld watch exhibition has been showcasing some of the newest timepieces created by the world's biggest brands and a theme that is running through the collections is one of watches becoming more distinctive.

Ventura is one company that has created an innovative yet stunning design, with the luxury digital watch brand developing a product that manages to look both classic and modern simultaneously.

Another company creating a very innovative style is Devon Works, with the company's products inspired by the supercars and racing bikes that they also produce in their factories.

Around 18,000 watch manufacturers from around the world are showcasing their products at the exhibition to March 15th, with over 100,000 people with an interest in watches and the industry predicted to attend. 


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