Men 'choose watches as status symbols'

First published: 09-11-2011

Men considering buying a new watch will often consider more than just the way that the timepiece looks when making their selection.

Watches have a strong value attached to them which goes deeper than simply what they look like, with some timepieces proving to be symbols of status, especially when it comes to the workplace.

Assessing the way in which watches can be used for more than simply telling the time, chartered psychologist Felix Economakis explained that men will often seek out designs which they know will show off their status.

"Men will tend to buy a well-known watch because it shows others they are wearing a £10,000 watch rather than the merits of the watch itself," Mr Economakis told Retail Jeweller.

He explained that often the price tag will be the main attraction, as they opt for something due to its cost, although something which looks similar with comparable features could be purchased for a much lower price.

"It emphasises their wealth and success and hence status to other men and women," he added.

This will often go even deeper depending on the culture people come from, with some choosing to find the most distinctive designs which are adorned with precious metals or jewels to show off the high status which they have attained - even if it means they sometimes have to opt for less expensive alternatives.

"Generally people who want to prove they are rich and increase their perceived status in their group will buy the most 'in your face' showy items," Mr Economakis added.

Watches often have a number of attractions to them, depending on the reason why the wearer wants to buy them.

Ariel Adams, owner and editor-in-chief of, explained that as many men will want watches for work, leisure or sport, they will often end up with a wardrobe of choices.  


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