Mechanical watches 'becoming more popular'

First published: 17-10-2011

Mechanical watches are becoming more popular with consumers again as they look for a traditional form of timepiece rather than something with a more modern mechanism.

Commenting on the trend, Olivier Bernheim, chief executive officer and president of Raymond Weil, told the Financial Chronicle that the change has been a relatively recent one in his company.

"Two years ago quartz watches contributed to 85 per cent of Raymond Weil sales in India, while the rest came from mechanical watches. Now the ratio between quartz and mechanical is 60:40," Mr Bernheim said.

The trend has also been seen for Seiko watches in India, with demand for automatically wound timepieces seeing an increase.

In order to make the most of this surge in interest, both companies have created a selection of mechanical timepieces.

The prestige that comes with owning a stylish watch is something which cannot be replicated with modern technology and will ensure watches remain popular, according to James Impey, content writer for timepiece comparison site  


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