Maximilian Busser sports his new watch

First published: 22-09-2010

The ultra-sleek Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt has been shown off by its very own creator, Maximilian Busser.

It is the latest model in Mr Busser's MB&F range, which was set up back in 2005 as the first to manufacture horological concept timepieces, Watch ID has reported.

Watch fans who decide to invest in this timepiece will be getting a design like no other, as it pairs some classical implements with a futuristic style.

This is thanks to an aviation-inspired case and engine, which both need to function as one in order for the Thunderbolt to stand any chance of working correctly, with the 300-plus components of the engine, which has been in development for three years, all working together to feed through the time to one of the pods on the model, while a twin pod acts as a power reserve indicator.

Mr Busser's original timepiece is made evermore elegant through the choice to add titanium and sapphire materials onto its case, along with the finishing touch of a case made from hand-stitched calfskin, coloured with a shade of black.


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