Matt Damon dons Coleman timepiece in new movie

First published: 20-04-2011

Movie fans who have been to the cinema to catch Matt Damon's new movie The Adjustment Bureau may have noticed the star was wearing a Coleman watch.

The Analog Night Sight is the timepiece in question and can be spotted throughout the intense, romantic science-fiction film, according to Watch ID.

Coleman, a US brand with a speciality in outdoor recreation products, has designed this ticker with plenty of appealing features.

Inside the 42mm-diameter case is a clear black dial with silver markings and a three-hand movement, so that reading the time can be done with ease.

A water resistance of 30 metres also adds some practicality to the watch, while a black Nylon strap finishes off the design in style.

Matt Damon is no stranger to showing off watches in his hit movies, with the well-known actor previously sporting TAG Heuer devices throughout the Bourne trilogy, as well as in The Departed.


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